A Big Thank You!

Norwich! That was insane! Last night was our first, completely self promoted show, and also one of our best gigs to date. We want to thank every single person who came last night, we somehow managed to sell it out, which is beyond anything any of us could of expected.

We had a great line up and we must give a massive shout out to, No Story Goes, Skies and Crossing The Limits. Each band brought something different to the night, and were all exceptionally good. If you haven’t seen / heard of them before, go check them out!!

We also want to say a massive thank you to Jake Staff. Jake is our sound guy and does a ridiculous amount of work for us, both at gigs and behind the scenes, for which we are extremely grateful. He’s not only managed to make us sound half decent at every gig, but he’s been a very loyal friend and has supported us from the start. We love you very much Jakey!
Our Next Show!!

As you may of heard announced last night, our next Norwich show is a big one. We’re headlining Open Main Room on the 17th June at #OH2. We literally cant tell you how excited we are! Earlier this year, Craig Hill put on an event called #OH1. Its a complete take over of The Open Live Music Venue. 4 bands in the club room, 4 in the main room. It was a brilliant night and to be headlining the next one is unbelievable! We’ve just got tickets for this show and are actively selling them now, so get in touch and we will hook you up. More details will emerge in the coming weeks.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came out to see us last night, to all the bands for playing and to everyone else who helped make last night one to remember.


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