Amazing Show and Review – O2 Academy Islington

What an incredible show we had on Friday at the O2 Academy in Islington. It was 100% our best show in London to date. Was a brilliant line up, and organised extremely well. Big thanks to Absent Kelly for that. Also a big thank you to everyone who came out to see us, means a lot to us. We received an awesome review from Gig Radar which you can read below.

So this Friday we are Headlining The Waterfront Studio in Norwich. We have nearly sold out of tickets now. If you want any, check online. But they are almost all gone. We honestly cant wait for this show. Its going to be insane.


Gig Radar Review


“Next up was Norwich rockers Lightscape, our New Band of the Week back in October, who have mastered the art of leaping between melodic sections and powerful, heavy phases.

They opened up with Blinded By The Lights, which built gradually, then dropped out and ended in a big rock-out. Standout track for me, both on the night and in general, was the awesome Running, which opened with the almost Mediterranean-sounding riff then echo on Will’s vocals through the verse before diving into a big chorus. There was a big drop out after the second verse before gradually building with drum rolls before getting nice and heavy again. If you haven’t listened to this track yet, then you must because it’s brilliant.

Next up was a new track, I think called By Design, which built gradually then dropped down to just light drums in support of Will’s vocals before launching into a big chorus. Will’s voice was sounding superb – despite telling the crowd “it was going” – as he hit some impressive notes to feed into a massive guitar smash-out.

Lightscape closed out with upcoming single, which I think is called Live In Fear, which began with a funky little high-pitched riff that flowed into a big chorus. A huge rock-out saw high-pitched guitar ring out over heavy chords and drawn out high-pitched vocals. Sounds like a cracking new tune from the guys, and this was a really enjoyable, high energy set.”

For the full review follow this link. – Full Review


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